Genesis to Revelation Project is the offsite location of bible notes, studies as I read the bible from cover to cover and tie knowledge, insight and wisdom found within the covers of the bible to the world outside the covers.

Samples of New Material Studies
7/30/2011   Baptism, if you are called
8/28/2011   Fantastic Hookers of the Bible  
12/23/2011   The birth of Jesus  
4/3/2012   The milk of the gospel  
4/13/2012   Prayer power  
7/15/2012   Jesus knows  
1/26/2013   War in the Heavens: Heavens Anguish, Hell's 3 day Party  

1999-2005 study notes
Oldies but Goodies

Notes from first 3 cover to cover
reading of the bible.
Some views have changed since then
as it should if we are to grow in the
grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
These links below are from early 2000 webpage. The new material
is on the right

Foods to eat
Interesting points
Last Days
Noted places
Nonscriptural customs
Nation identification
Who's an Israelite
non canonized books

**** NEW MATERIAL ****

O'Malley Family Bible Studies

Christians should preach the good news and:
CT SEPT Ezekiel 5:5-6
Thus saith the Lord: This is Jerusalem. I placed her in the midst of nations and the countries around her, that thou shouldst tell My rules of rectitude to such of the nations as are without law; and that Mine ordinances might be the ordinances of the countries around her ...

"It doesn't make a difference who the preacher is, it could be Peter Peters or whoever it is. If he says something different than what the word of God says, you better do what the word of God says."
- Pastor Peter John Peters, God Save America, Personal Salvation 3:35

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